Don Bosco Kakuma Centre 1 was  started in 1993.  It has a well  established presence in Kakuma Refugee Camp. The institute  gives a solid basis to underprivileged  young adult,  both men and women to help themselves and their families today and in the future through a preventive system of technical skills training of Don Bosco.

At the main institute, the following are courses/trades are offered: Motor vehicle mechanic, welding and metal fabrication, carpentry& joinery/cabinet making, tailoring, dressmaking, masonry, plumbing, electrical, secretarial, computer, English language and adult literacy. 

Besides offering technical  skills training, the institution goes further in ensuring that the youth also participates in various extra- curricular activities like, sports, traditional dances, musical group, Scouting and journalism. The major advantage of our students participating in various extra activities is part of youth development to help them  nurture their talents, socialize and promote their physical growth.