Don Bosco Technical Institute in  Kakuma Town is a realization of the huge gap existing because  youth  are not able to  access the training in the institutes in the camp because of long distance. With the spirit of KISEDP( Kalobeyei Integrated Socio-Economic Development Plan) Don Bosco anticipates to increase the enrolment of host community youth through the establishment of the institution near Kakuma Mission Hospital


It’s quite a long-distance walking from Kakuma town to the camp. The distance is approximated to be six kilometers and this is only for those who live in Kakuma town, for those living in out cast will experience it more difficult.

Don Bosco acquired land by the help of Bishop of Lodwar Diocese. The land is fenced and we are in the process of sourcing funds to facilitate the construction of classrooms, workshops, sanitary facilities, offices and if possible the  residential facilities for staff so as to establish an institute which will offer  skills training for the youth  in Kakuma town and its environs. Our target will remain to be young adult both men and women from the  refugee camp and host community who cannot access the four centres in the camp because of the long distance.