It is the idea of Don Bosco to keep the young away from the streets where they are exposed to all kinds of vices, but give them an environment which is safe and attractive. If you are in the refugee camp you will never miss having plenty of youth frequenting the facilities of the institution.  We have many children and youth who come to our centre for games, prayer and recreation.


This year (2016) the concentration and attention has been on building up the Youth Centre in the refugee Camp.  We already have the land; we have marked out different facilities for play grounds, i.e. Football, volleyball and net ball.  The facility is also meant for the young to gather and have various programs like drama, music, choir, indoor games, reading facilities, meeting place.

The Don Bosco Youth Center is a meeting place for the youth, this is because over 60% of the camp population is youth who have no employment and are often loitering around without anything to do and if not cared for, their energies can be directed many times towards harmful behavior in the society. 


A center like this can motivate them to use profitably their time and talents and this can keep them away from behavior that is anti-social and harmful to themselves and others.  As of now we have  250 youth center members who are issued with an identity and membership card with more expected to be registered.




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